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I have been the banjo picker with Wires and Wood since we first started in 2003 at the Waharau Winter Warmup.
I play banjo for these guys. Its a great band and we have lots of fun.
Neil Finlay, Peter Parnham and I got together in early 2011 to start this band. It sure is a lot of fun playing bluegrasscountryswing .
Dave is the guitar player in Wires and Wood. Recently we all helped him celebrate his 50th birthday and the link takes you to a video montage of photographs from that event.
The best banjo resource site on the internet. This site is an absolute must for a banjo picker, with links to tabs, tunes etc etc. Lots of the pro's contribute to the discussions and they can be pretty interesting reading.
A club of like minded people who enjoy bluegrass and old-time music. The club meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evening of each month in the Bunker on Mt Victoria, Devonport
A nice overview of the New Zealand Folk Music scene.
Micheal is a great mandolin player, guitarist and all round good guy. Oh - and he is also a yachtie .... and a geek.
I have known Peter for 35 years or so and just love the instruments he makes. He is recently back in the game after a 20 year break. If you want a beautiful handmade acoustic guitar you cant do better than this
Neil and I lived just a couple of blocks apart when we were kids back in the 60's. He is one of New Zealands great blues men and recently released his debut album (what took so long mate?) Stop and Listen